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21.Mar.23 X4 is Steam Deck verified
We've got some good news to coincide with the Steam Deck's one-year anniversary, which is being celebrated on Steam this week. Having made some changes for the upcoming major 6.00 update of X4: Foundations, the Steam Deck classification of X4 has been upgraded from "playable" to "verified" status. This means that from version 6.00 onwards, X4: Foundations will be fully Steam Deck verified! Yay, X4 on the go!

The changes are already in the 6.00 Public Beta (details below), so you can give them a try today!

How do I take part in the Public Beta?
Every player who owns X4: Foundations has the opportunity to download the new 6.00 beta version. In order to ensure that beta participants are aware of the risks and rules involved, we ask all interested players to visit our forum, where they will find the rules and disclaimers, as well as practical instructions for participating in the beta. Follow this link to our forum (no registration required) to find the relevant information.

Note: If Steam displays an older Beta version rather than "public_beta - 6.00 Beta 6" in the beta drop-down menu, this is just a display error in the Steam client. You can correct this by re-entering the beta password (see forum), but even with the incorrect version displayed in the list, you will still be playing the latest version of the beta if you have selected the public_beta branch.
posted by Gregory
08.Mar.23 新たな建築船が登場 アップデート 6.00 パブリックベータ 5がプレイ可能に!
今回のベータ版アップデートにはビッグサプライズを用意しました。これまでの『X4』ではどの派閥も同じ外見の建築船を使用していましたが、今回のパブリックベータで一新されます。もちろん、新しい船はアップデート 6.00 パブリックベータが終了後の正式リリース版でも使用できるようになります。

『X4』アップデート 6.00ではパラニドとテラディの既存の建築船が以下の次の新しい外見に変更されます。


もし、拡張パック『X4: Split Vendetta』および、あるいは『X4: Cradle of Humanity』を所有している場合、さらに次の外見も新たなものになります。


すでに十分ワクワクしているでしょうが、さらになんと、ボロンの特大型建築船も初公開します! ボロンの特大型建築船は、間もなく登場する拡張パック、『X4: Kingdom End』を購入するとすぐにあなたのXユニバースに追加されます。『X4: Kingdome End』をSteamのウィッシュリストに追加しておくと、リリース時に自動的に通知が届きます。



新しい建築船だけではなく、パブリックベータ 5のほかの変更点について、みなさまからのフィードバックをお待ちしています(このリンクから変更履歴をご覧いただけます)。問題があれば、いつものようにパブリックベータ フィードバックフォーラム(Public Beta Feedback Forum)で報告をお願いします。

『X4: Foundations』をお持ちのプレイヤーならどなたでもアップデート 6.00のベータ版をダウンロードできるチャンスがあります。ベータテストに参加されるみなさまには、参加にあたってのリスクとルール、実際のゲームで役立つインストラクションが掲載されている公式フォーラムをご覧いただくようお願いしています。こちらのリンクから公式フォーラムにアクセスし(登録は不要)、関連情報をご確認ください。

Captain Collinsのインタビュー映像
Egosoftの創設者兼CEOであるBernd Lehahnは、先日、Captain Collinsのインタビューに応じました。90分にわたるインタビューでは、近日公開予定のアップデート 6.00と次回拡張パック『X4: Kingdom End』について主に語りましたが、ほかにも一般的な話題や『X』シリーズの多様な将来性についても言及しました。このインタビューはYouTubeで公開中ですので、ぜひご覧ください。
posted by Gregory
07.Feb.23 Mark your calendars: two upcoming live shows with Bernd  (37 コメント)
Attention, pilots! Get ready for more insight into our upcoming expansion X4: Kingdom End and the massive free 6.00 update. Our Managing Director, Bernd Lehahn, will be appearing as a guest on two live streams this month to give you all the details.

First, join Bernd on February 13 at 7pm CET (6pm UTC / 1pm EST / 10am PST) in the Gamestar "Find Your Next Game" show for a German-language show. Then, on February 24 at 2pm CET (1pm UTC / 8am EST / 5am PST), tune in to Captain Collins on Twitch for an English-language show with Bernd.

Don't miss out on the chance to hear directly from Bernd about these exciting new developments, and ask your questions in chat! Mark your calendars and set your reminders now!

Haven't heard about 6.00 yet? Be sure to check out our news on the 6.00 public beta launch. There you can find out what our new physics engine and our heavily improved graphics engine in 6.00 are all about.
posted by Gregory
19.Jan.23 「X TECH 5」の導入とアップデート 6.00 パブリックベータ開始のお知らせ
先日発表した『X4』の最新拡張版『X4: Kingdom End』にあわせ、『X4: Foundations』に2018年の本編リリース以来の最大規模の改良を実施する予定です。ですが、ゲームに大幅な技術的変更を加えるには、何度もテストする必要があります。そのため、アップデート 6.00 パブリックベータに参加してくださるテスターを募集しています。

『X4: Foundations』をお持ちのプレイヤーならどなたでもアップデート 6.00のベータ版をダウンロードできるチャンスがあります。ベータテストに参加されるみなさまには、参加にあたってのリスクとルール、実際のゲームで役立つインストラクションが掲載されている公式フォーラムをご覧いただくようお願いしています。こちらのリンクから公式フォーラムにアクセスし(登録は不要)、関連情報をご確認ください。

「X TECH 5」
我々の過去作『X Beyond the Frontier』、『X3: Reunion』、『X Rebirth』、そして『X4: Foundations』のバージョン 1.00はEgosoft独自の『X』シリーズ専用エンジンの開発における最大の節目でした。来たる『X4: Foundations』アップデート 6.00では次の段階に進むべく、「X TECH 5」を導入する予定です。


「X TECH 5」導入に向けたアップデート 6.00の最初のパブリックベータに含まれるハイライトについて、ファーストインプレッションをお伝えします。現在、我々は後のパブリックベータテストに追加される可能性のある機能の開発に取り組んでいます。追加機能については後ほどお知らせします。

「Jolt Physics」を「X TECH 5」に統合した『X4: Foundations』で、宇宙はますますスリリングになります。小惑星帯の航行、宇宙ステーションへのドッキング、戦闘──「Jolt Physics」はどんな瞬間でも新次元のリアリズムと没入感を可能にします。船を操縦していると加速と減速にかかるすべての力を感じられますし、衝突が起きると目に見える形で影響が生じます。「Jolt Physics」の統合により、ゲーム体験全体が向上するだけではなく、「X TECH 5」のパフォーマンスと機能も改善されます。詳細は、本ニュースの最後に掲載されているアップデート 6.00 パブリックベータ1の全変更履歴をご確認ください。

『X4: Foundations』アップデート6.00で注目していただきたいのは、新しいグラフィックスエンジンによる大幅なグラフィックの改良です。この開発分野におけるハイライトをいくつかご紹介します。

? 進化したライティング
「X TECH 5」の新しいライティングエンジンの主な目的は、宇宙空間における自然な太陽光の表現力、具体的にはより鮮やかな色、苛烈な太陽、そして関心を引き起こすライティングムードを高めることです。「X TECH 5」では、この目的を達成するために、さまざまな新しいツールを用意しました。たとえば反射プローブは、操縦席やブリッジ、ステーション内のライティング環境を大幅に改善し、『X4』の前バージョンで実装されたスクリーンスペースの反射とシームレスな統合を可能にしました。また、シャドウキャスティングの技術も大幅に改善され、より遠くまで、よりリアルな描写をおこなう上で役に立っています。

? 視差オクルージョンマッピングの導入
視差オクルージョンマッピングの導入により、「X TECH 5」では、ゲーム内オブジェクトの表面表現に従来よりディテールと深みを増すことが可能になりました。オブジェクトの表面の高さや形状に関する情報をエンコードした特殊なテクスチャを使用することで、3D空間に奥行きとディテールの錯覚を生じさせるために実装しました。視差オクルージョンマッピングによって、これまでは表現しきれなかった微細なディテールや奥行きが描写できるようになりました。オブジェクトの表面がよりリアルにしたことで、向上した没入感の向上にご期待ください。

アップデート 6.00では、技術的な改良以外にも、ゲームプレイを洗練し、新機能を追加する予定です。本ニュースの最後にアップデート 6.00 パブリックベータ1の完全な変更履歴を掲載していますので、ご確認ください。今回は、なかでも特に注目していただきたい下記の2項目について詳述いたします。

? 陣地防衛
アップデート 6.00の新機能、「陣地防衛」では、1隻の空母を中心とする艦隊が、効率的な支援体制を維持したまま複数のエリアを防衛することが可能です。下位グループに特定エリアの防衛を割り当てると、修理や補給のために空母に帰還する必要が生じるまで、そのエリアを巡視します。さらに、その下位グループには、艦隊内のほかのグループが脅威と遭遇した場合、支援するよう設定することができます。これによって艦隊ひとつで複数の場所を柔軟かつ流動的に防衛することが可能になります。この新機能が実際のゲームプレイをどのように向上させるのか、ご期待ください。

? ライブストリームカメラモード
「ライブストリーム」は『X4: Foundations』に導入されるまったく新しいカメラモードで、これまでよりも出来事を身近に感じることができます。F6キーでライブストリームモードを有効にすると、ゲーム内で展開される興味深いイベントやシーンをリアルタイムで視聴できます。壮大な宇宙戦争やにぎやかな宇宙ステーション、美しい星雲もこのカメラモードにお任せください。ライブストリームモード最大の特徴は、シーンが自動的に切り替わるので出来事を見逃す心配がないことです。ゲーム内のもっとも興味深い瞬間を、ゆっくりとリラックスしてお楽しみいただけます。

この新しいカメラモードをさらに改良するアイディアはまだまだたくさん残っており、アップデート 6.00のパブリックベータ期間中および、その後も改良を継続する予定です。そのためにもぜひフィードバックをお寄せください。

プレイヤーのみなさまはぜひパブリックベータテストに参加し、新機能に関するフィードバックを 「パブリックベータフィードバックフォーラム」(Public Beta Feedback forum)にご投稿ください。現段階はまだ『X4: Foundations』アップデート 6.00のパブリックベータにおける第一歩に過ぎません。ベータ版は今後数週間にわたって定期的に更新いたしますので、お見逃しのないよう、ニュースチャンネルをご覧ください。

この機会にぜひアップデート 6.00を一足早くご体験ください。みなさまの感想をお待ちしています!

? MOD開発コミュニティへの協力体制の強化

>> アップデート 6.00 パブリックベータ1変更履歴 <<
posted by Gregory
16.Jan.23 長年あたためてきた「ベビーボロンのぬいぐるみ」製作計画がいよいよ実現!

なんと……「ベビーボロンのぬいぐるみ」が登場します! 思わず抱きしめたくなるほど可愛いボロンのぬいぐるみをクラウドファンディングで製作することになりました。キャンペーンは間もなく始まります。ぬいぐるみは『X4』ファンにとって最高のパートナーになること間違いなし!

今年リリース予定の拡張パック第4弾『X4: Kingdom End』では、いよいよボロンとの再会が叶います。ベビーボロンはあなたの旅をそっと見守ってくれるでしょう。


「ベビーボロンのぬいぐるみ」クラウドファンディングキャンペーンは、2023年1月24日(火) 03:00 JSTから、makeship.com にて開始します。Makeshipによる限定ものの「ベビーボロンのぬいぐるみ」($29.99)をご購入いただけるのは、キャンペーンが成功した場合のみです。



当クラウドファンディングのプロセスについて、ご質問のある方は、 Makeshipヘルプセンター(Makeship Help Center)をご確認ください。
posted by Gregory
23.Dec.22 『X4: Kingdom End』では、長らく待たれていたボロンとの再会の物語が展開し、Xユニバースのすべての主要な種族が揃います。
『X4: Foundations』の拡張版第4弾、『X4: Kingdom End』では、長らく待たれていたボロンとの再会の物語が展開し、Xユニバースのすべての主要な種族が揃います。ボロン独自の艦船を発見し、特徴的な星系を航行し、驚きに満ちた旅に出よう。新たなロケーションは魅力的なだけではなく、遠い過去の秘密が眠っています。『X4』の新章で、新たな出会いをとおして謎を解き明かそう!

>> X4: Kingdom End - Reveal Teaser <<


ボロンたちは、非凡な種族らしい型破りな艦船を乗りこなす。『X4: Kingdom End』では、流麗なデザインに波打つような装甲部分のアニメーション、種族特有の優雅さと独自性を存分に生かしたさまざまなクラスの艦船が登場する。Xユニバース史上もっとも美しい艦船を堪能しよう。

『X4: Foundations』アップデート 6.00
『X4: Kingdom End』は、『X4: Foundations』の大規模アップデート 6.00と同時にリリースされます。恒例の無料大型アップデートとして、今回も『X4』本体を所有している全ユーザーに、さまざまな重要な改良を実装する予定です。変更点の詳細は追って公開します。ご期待ください。
  • 空母を起点に艦隊を展開し、より広い範囲を防衛することができる新機能、「陣地防衛」
  • まるで映画のような、新たなカットシーンカメラモード
  • さまざまな改良を実装予定ですが、注目していただきたいのは戦闘と艦隊行動、交易、移乗、廃物回収、ドッキング、航行経路、低注意度の戦闘のシミュレーションといったAI、およびステーションエディタの改良です。
  • UIおよびQOLの向上
  • パフォーマンスの向上
  • 等、多数の新機能を実装予定です。
posted by Gregory
28.Nov.22 Some takeaways from our 2022 player survey  (75 コメント)
Back in July we invited you to participate in a slightly larger-than-usual player survey. Many of you have expressed a wish for us to publish the results of this survey. So, we are going to do so, at least for the actual game related questions. We will also provide some commentary on some of the survey results to give them better context.

The overall aim of this survey was to get a broad picture of how you see X4 today, what you enjoy about it, what problems you see, and so on, rather than to identify specific potential changes to X4 and put them on our short-term "To Do ASAP" list. It will come as no surprise to you that we still have plenty of plans for the X series, so this survey was about gathering your feedback, analysing it and using it together with our own plans and ideas, to set the course for the future.

Please note that the percentages mentioned only refer to the participants in the survey, not to the total number of buyers or players of X4: Foundations. For information, just under 20,000 of you participated in the survey.

With this in mind, here are the results of the survey:

How many hours have you invested in your most advanced savegame so far?

7% · More than 500 hours
32% · 100 to 500 hours
26% · 50 to 100 hours
24% · 10 to 50 hours
6% · 5 to 10 hours
5% · Less than 5 hours

Long playtime, strong commitment
We are always pleased to see the larger number of hours played by our players, not only those who participated in the survey, but also the ‘average player’ of X4. Clearly the X4 universe manages to keep you entertained for a long time! Almost 40% of survey participants have played the game for over 100 hours. We believe that one of the main reasons for this is also one of X4's greatest strengths: it is played similarly to an MMO, but because it is single-player, it allows for faster and virtually unlimited growth. X4 evidently has a lot to offer in terms of real economy, authentic universe, growth and so on.

How many times have you started a new game?

15% · More than 10 times
25% · 5 to 10 times
45% · 2 to 4 times
15% · Just once

Learn about the budgeted custom gamestart system, and start a new custom game!
Starting a new game in X4 should always be appealing. As the survey results show, 40% of the participants have already restarted at least five times, but we would like to see an even higher number here. In addition to new gamestarts added in previously released expansions, which provide exciting new scenarios that you should definitely check out, we also introduced a "Custom Gamestart" feature in September 2021 as part of the 4.10 Update of X4: Foundations. This has a “points” system, which allows you to change or customise certain starting parameters in the game according to your preferences. You collect points towards the budget for these parameters through your actions in previous play-throughs of the game, such as exploring, playing story missions, etc. You can then spend the points in your new budgeted custom gamestart, giving you things such as available capital, sectors already explored, or relations with other factions. There is nothing to lose by doing this, and the points remain available for future gamestarts, so we recommend you try it out if you haven't already. Rediscovering X4 from a new starting point is definitely worthwhile!

Why not check out this comprehensive video from X4 content creator Captain Collins on the Custom Gamestart feature (July 2021).

Which (gameplay) element of X4 do you enjoy the most?

33% · Trading / Economy
24% · Fighting / Battles
13% · Designing / Building stations
12% · Free exploration
11% · Missions / Storylines

Possibly our biggest challenge: the diversity of X players
The answers to this question highlight one of our biggest opportunities, but at the same time risks, with X4: the diversity of player interests and priorities. The very core of our vision of the X series games is the idea of giving players as much freedom as possible; freedom to make their own decisions about what to do in our games. To achieve this, requires us to include many different types of activity as part of the game, which in turn attracts at least as many different types of players. Not to put too fine a point on it, everyone wants something different from X4!

Perhaps our greatest challenge during our time working on X4, but also for the future of the X series, is to find compromises that "work" for as many as possible of these, sometimes fundamentally different, types of players. At the same time, we have to be realistic and acknowledge that this makes it almost impossible for us to deliver the "perfect” game for any given group of players.

Nevertheless, we have no plans to change our overall mission, which we at Egosoft have been committed to since the development of X - Beyond the Frontier in the late 90s.

Would you like to be able to play X4 with friends?

46% · Yes
16% · No
38% · Wouldn't matter to me

If you are interested in a multiplayer option, what would it ideally look like for you?

14% · MMO
63% · Online Co-Op
16% · Asynchronous Multiplayer

The best of both worlds: a single-player universe with fast progression, and team play in Multiverse online mode
This is a question which has naturally led to many discussions within the community over the years. Before any further discussion, we need to make it clear that, in our opinion, an X series game can only be what it is if it is, at heart, a single-player universe. Without going into too much detail, the issue of rapid and unlimited growth, as mentioned in a previous comment, is key to this.

That said, we definitely see possibilities for more direct cooperation between players of X games in the longer term. The Multiverse online mode, originally announced in 2021, will be a first step in that direction. We are still working on that Multiverse online mode, which is itself a development of the “Ventures" feature that was in some earlier versions of X4. We're making good progress on that, and are hopeful that we'll be able to tell you more about it in 2023.

How satisfied are you with X4 today?
(5 = Completely; 1 = Not at all)

5 = 16%
4 = 61%
3 = 18%
2 = 4%
1 = 1%

High approval rate, but room for improvement
Our survey shows that 77% of participants are at least moderately satisfied with X4 today. This figure is also reflected in our Steam reviews, where around 75% of reviewers have left positive ratings at the time of writing. Given the previously mentioned diversity of our players, and the wide range of gameplay elements within X4, we are very happy to have such a high approval rating. However, this does not mean that we will rest on our laurels. We will continue to set our goals higher, and hope to further improve these ratings and review scores in the future.

How satisfied are you with the game performance on your hardware?
(5 = Completely; 1 = Not at all)

5 = 29%
4 = 36%
3 = 22%
2 = 9%
1 = 3%

Constant work on improving performance
The X series games will always be demanding on hardware. It is in the very nature of the game, and our vision for the series, that the technical requirements will often preclude the use of lower performance systems. The full universe simulation, for example, will always require more CPU and memory than other games in the genre. The fact that 65% of the survey’s participants are reasonably satisfied with the performance of the game on their systems gives us some confidence that we are striking the right balance. However, we are constantly working on improvements, throughout our game engine, to enhance the performance of X4. In the not-too-distant future we hope to be able to start talking about the next big X4 update, 6.00, which will include our latest work in this area.

Do you use game modifications (mods) when playing X4?

53% · Yes
47% · No

If you have used Mods in X4, how many mods are you currently using in your most recent X4 savegame?

48% · More than 5 mods
40% · 2 to 5 mods
8% · 1 mod
4% · None

Why do you use mods in X4?

85% · To improve game elements that bother me (e.g. "quality of life", balancing)
66% · To be able to use more content (e.g. additional ships)
16% · To make the game harder
14% · To make the game easier

Modding community as important to us as ever
We haven't done a survey on the topic of mods for quite a while, and we are pleased to now have an up-to-date overview of mod use. The modding community remains as important to us as ever.

One of the sticking points for modders has been the issue that players cannot send ships into the Multiverse when playing a modified game. This is unavoidable for many types of mods, especially those that add ships or change the fundamental gameplay, but may be something that could be addressed for mods that make purely quality-of-life changes. With the introduction of the Multiverse online mode, hopefully during 2023, we will be taking a closer look at the possibility of “signing” certain popular quality-of-life mods, so that they do not prevent Multiverse access. In the context of this, it is good to see that quality-of-life mods are among the most important to you. However, all of this is still in the future at the moment, and we will go into more detail about it once we have a clearer picture of what will, and will not, be possible.

A small side note on the subject of mods: for many years now, we have been drafting gifted X series modders into the ranks of our team. We're pleased to say that earlier this year, modders Shuul (VRO and many other mods) and kuertee (several gameplay and quality-of-life mods) have started working with us on the future of the X series. Glad to have you on board, guys!

Which type of controls do you use most often in X4?

83% · Mouse and keyboard
9% · HOTAS
5% · Gamepad / Controller

Wide-ranging agreement on controls
When it comes to gameplay features, X4 players are very varied, as discussed in a previous comment, but when it comes to the controls, there is much more agreement. That is not to say, however, that we only focus on the majority’s requirements, and we are especially happy to see the hardcore simulation fans who fly through the X universe using a HOTAS device. With a little effort, even the most rare and complicated HOTAS systems’ control schemes can be fully customised with X4.

Have you bought (at least) one expansion for X4?

93% · Yes
7% · No

We are hugely excited to see the high level of uptake for our X4 expansions, and thank you all for your support.

Which expansion(s) for X4 do you own? (multiple answers possible)

98% · Split Vendetta
97% · Cradle of Humanity
77% · Tides of Avarice

Which expansion do you like the most?

7% · Split Vendetta
40% · Cradle of Humanity
7% · Tides of Avarice
46% · I have no favourite

Nicer ships = higher approval rating?
The results of these survey questions lead us to assume that the popularity of expansions among players of X4 is driven primarily by the ships that we introduce in those expansions. In particular, we interpret this result to mean that the ships from X4: Cradle of Humanity are your favourites, resulting in it receiving the highest rating at 40%. Are we right in our assumptions, or are there other factors that led you to your answers? Feel free to let us know in the comments section for this article.

This is probably also a good opportunity to highlight two specific beauties from the most recent X4 expansion, X4: Tides of Avarice, which you should definitely take the time to check out:
  • The Erlking, a terrifying pirate battleship with an experimental and unusual energy source.
  • The Astrid, an incredibly lavish and luxurious yacht, that is rumoured to be the fastest ship in the galaxy. With its sleek design, the Astrid is a ship unlike anything you've ever come across in the X universe.
How do you feel about the retail price of the X4 expansions?

66% · Just right.
9% · Too expensive.
4% · Too cheap.
21% · I have no opinion on this.

Approval of the value proposition
Getting the pricing right is, of course, an important aspect of our work. Given the great take-up rate of the X4 expansions, we think we have created quite a good pricing structure that is acceptable to a large majority of X4 players. We're pleased about that, of course, and hope that we'll continue to make the right decisions in the future, setting prices that work well for both you and us.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants in the survey and, of course, all those who have supported us over the years during the development of X4: Foundations and its expansions. As mentioned in several articles and news items this year, we have not yet reached the end of our journey with X4, and are looking forward to telling you more about the short- and medium-term future of the game as soon as we are ready to do so.

Please keep an eye on our communication channels; you can find an overview of all our channels at linktr.ee/egosoft.

Thank you, and see you soon!
posted by Gregory
01.Aug.22 Meet us at gamescom 2022  (6 コメント)
We are pleased to announce that we will be part of the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom in Cologne this year. Indie Arena Booth is a collaborative booth featuring a curated selection of games from around the world.

From Wednesday, 24 August 2022 to Sunday, 28 August 2022 you can find us at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.2 of the Kölnmesse. Each day, various team members will be present and looking forward to chatting with you. If you are not yet familiar with X4, you will of course have the opportunity to try out the game on-site.

A quick word to manage expectations: we will not be making any new announcements at this year's gamescom. It will be a little longer before we are ready to reveal the next chapter of X4.

Here are a few more related links on the topic of gamescom:See you in Cologne!
posted by Gregory
13.Jul.22 Player survey 2022  (0 コメント)
Our latest player survey will ask you questions about your personal progress in X4: Foundations, your satisfaction with the game, your wishes and priorities for the future of the X series, and your feelings about the X series and Egosoft outside of the game. By taking part in our survey, you will be helping us to make the X series even better.

Please visit https://bit.ly/x4-survey-2022 to participate in the survey.

Thank you for your support!
posted by Gregory
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