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24 August 2001


  1. Bernd Lehahn about the X-Universe News
  2. X2 - The Khaak Threat -- Very first screenshot!
  3. See a picture of the new ship in X-T version 2.1!
  4. Review of a X-Tension fanpage
  5. X-Con near Manchester
  6. What is going on at the forums?
  7. The X-Universe-News about the X-Universe-News
  8. Imprint

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Welcome to the first transmission of the X-Universe-News

Bernd Lehahn about the X-Universe News

The editors of the X-Universe News asked me to write a short foreword for their first issue - well, here it is.

The reason to initiate this internet magazine were those many creative postings in the X message boards. I found some great stories of a trader's life there, some fantastic screenshots documenting unique events in th X-Universe and even selfmade comics and advertisement banners with funny motifs about X.

Unfortunately, these postings are only read by a few. Then they go down in the board, being pushed by more recent postings and finally, much too fast, the disappear completely being unread by so many. (That's for storage reasons, though.)

We thought, a virtual newspaper could be a solution to that. Just a few websites located on our server, easy accessible so that everyone could quickly check it for the latest news about the X-Universe.

Fortunately, some fans offered us their help and time in writing the content and designing the page - that's how we elected the editors and editors-in-chief.

In future, the X-Universe News is thought to present you a collection of the most interesting news about the X-Universe. A reading that'll be sometimes funny, sometimes suspenseful and sometimes even helpful to all newbies and pro's in the X-Universe.

I wish the editors much fun and would like to thank all the people involved in doing the plenty of work that had to be done to realize this very first issue of the X-Universe News.

Bernd Lehahn, EGOSOFT

X2 - The Khaak Threat -- Very first screenshot!

You might have heard of the great-looking picture that suddenly appeared on several online gamenews pages. Though some of them call it "nice rendered" it is a real screenshot taken right out of the game engine, so what you see there is gamegraphic! well, the ships were arranged manually to make this groupphoto possible ;)
Some member of the EGOSOFT Developer Network (thanx to The Commander) already spoiled that the fighter in front is an Argon Elite II, an advanced version of the Argon M3 Elite known from X-Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension. The editorship did some research and found out that the ships below this fighter belong to the Teladi... more news on new ships, soon!

If you still haven't seen this impressive picture or just can't get enough of it, look here:
X2 - The Khaak Threat
Of course we try to smuggle some more pictures out of EGOSOFTs developersection...

For the people exploring across the X-Universe

Screenshot der "Perseus"

Since Version 2.1 X-Tension includes a new quest, that introduces a new ship called 'Perseus'.For all of you, who don't/can't check the forums around X here's a picture:

Paranid Perseus

Additional to the Perseus this quest gives you access to the famous X-Shuttle, many players were missing in X-Tension.

X-Universe present:

Bala Gi's fanpge: Bala Gi's adventurous journey through the X-Universe

Bala Gi

Now available in english, too!

Hello you droll, funny beings from the nice, blue planet covered with much water that is called Earth. My name is Bala Gi and I'm a Boron. I'm from the beautiful planetary system, which is located in the part of the universe that's known as the X-Universe among you.

These are the words with which Bala Gi welcomes you before he invites you on his journey through the X-Unvierse.
Everybody who is interested to look at the X-Universe through the eyes of a Boron should not hesitate to accept this offer.

This fan site holds everything it promises. A wonderful pictured journey through the universe, written in a humorous style. Even without a special tip and tricks page, it is still very informative for every X-pilot and is a great place to visit.

Many may know Bala Gi's journey already from the beginning of X-Tension but now you can see everything in 32bit-colour depth for the first time! According to the latest rumours Bala Gi is already planning his next trip, so stay tuned!

X-Con near Manchester

Meet other players and the Team from EGOSOFT at the Jodrell Bank Telescope

Ever wanted to meet other X-Fans? Ever wanted to know who is behind EGOSOFT and the X Games? Want to know more about X2 - The Khaak Threat?
Well, this is your ultimate chance! As the meeting in Wuppertal (Germany) was a great success now there will be an english X-Convention, too on October 20. But this time, Bernd Lehahn will be there, too! And it's not just him, he will bring some more people from the EGOSOFT team and a preview to X2 - The Khaak Threat with him! If you want to participate, see the link below.
Some days later on November 10 there will be the second big X-Con in Germany near Aachen at the the EGOSOFT HQ in Würselen (next to the border to Belgium) everyone is very welcome to come to this meeting, too! If you understand german, you can go
here (german forum) else, you could send a mail to Darran Astles aka Steel, who is going to visit the german X-Con and has some info you might need, or simply post to the forums on http://forum.thq.de and ask for help.

Additional Information on setting, subscription and more: English X-Con X-Con near Manchester on October 20
The X-Universe News wishes every participant a happy time!

What is going on at the forums?

SMPX - serial multiplayer X-Tension

Most people on the forum can't wait until they may fly against and with others in the Online-Universe. Now some clever guys on the german forum invented the SMPX-project: one savegame is played ~10 game hours and then passed to another player, who can continue playing for another 10 hours... so everybody taking part in this project, may add his personal touch to a great savegame. Perhaps you people on the english board want to start such a project, too. (if you want to have a look at the current (german)status of the SMPX-Project go to: klarix's X-Page.


Klarix created a page on his website on which every user can see a picture of other user that submitted their picture already. For you to know whom you are dealing with ;). There are already more than a dozen pictures online (mostly from german users yet, so strain yourselves!)
If you want to submit a picture you can send it to klarix@klarix.de
english X-community english album
german X-community german album

On one's own behalf

Yeah! It's done!

click to view full size (1024*768) 117kb

We took the long way round and many different formats and styles were sampled, but the first issue of the X-Universe-News is NOW ready.
So this is a collecting point for all the (special) every-day postings on the forums.

What will this newspaper contain?
Well, besides the contents Bernd mentioned we will report all the news from EGOSOFT and we will try to bring some surprises to you from time to time to keep the news informative, varied and funny
It is also possible that we will send out a short-term newsletter to bring you very important news.

Every issue will be distributed on the EGOSOFT web site and older issues will be in the archive (also online).

Additionally we provide the option to subscribe to the X-Universe News to get it by mail (basically the same as the online html-file) of course in the selected language.

For those of you who cannot, or just don't want to display mail in html-format, you will receive a notification that an update is available via e-mail.

How you could support us?
Dead easy! Simply transfer an amount of your choice to the account submitted below:

Central Bank of Argon Prime
Bank No. 4547 4F53 4F46 54
Account No. 582D 554E
Purpose: Editor's extra salary

How you could really help us!:
Should you find something of interest on the message boards or other websites - tell us! Simply drop a us mail to the e-mail adress submitted below.

You've already written an article? (preferably something about X ;) ) Well, mail it to us... Thanks in advance! Unfortunately we can't guarantee you to publish it in the X-Universe News... But it's likely to happen.

Do you want to join our staff? Are you reliable and interested in supporting us & making the X-Universe News a regular internet newspaper? Simply apply by e-mail.

The adress for any questions, requests, contributions, comments and more:

Have fun reading the X-Universe News
The XUN-Team

P.S. Are you seriously willing to delight us with some gifts? ;) Use the email adress shown above to contact us.

Additional Contacts


EGOSOFT / Deutschland - info@egosoft.com

Editorship english:
Chris F. / Great Britain - cc_chris_f@hotmail.com

Editorship german:
Michael B., Nürnberg / Germany - burnit@nexgo.de (mb)
Peter Biner W., Braderup / Germany - pbw@nexgo.de (pbw)


Unsubcsribe from X-Universe NEWSletter

You don't wnat to receive the X-Universe NEWS by mail? Then use the account data you got from EGOSOFT with their last newsletter and login here: http://www.egosoft.com/x/ there go to 'Account Data' and unselect 'receive XNEWS by mail'.

Former issues in the archive!