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Issue 20 - October 2005

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Editor's Note: A Very Short Note...
X³: Reunion - gone GOLD: In stores soon!
X³: Reunion - Collectors Edition: Cool extras!
X³: Reunion - on DVD and CD: DVD in Europe, DVD or CD in the US
X³: Reunion - new versions planned: extending the universe
X²: The Threat - for Linux: Penguins in space!
Credits & Contact: The Uninteresting Bit!

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Editor's Note

A Very Short Note...


Well, so much has happened since our last newsletter back in the summer. Mac users were introduced to the X-Universe and are now to be followed by a flock of penguins as X2: The Threat goes into beta testing for Linux. Speaking of beta testing, there has been quite a lot going on for X3 in the past few months, enough in fact to result on a nice gold disc being sent to the worldwide publishers on both CD and DVD. Phew! Lets look at all the news in some more detail.




Greg Kingston

X³: Reunion - gone GOLD

In stores soon


Behind the scenes for the past few months, a huge amount of testing has been taking place. Far more than in any previous game and with enough organisation to mobilise a small army, bugs have been crushed, creases ironed out, crashes fixed... all of which has resulted in the shiny gold DVDs being couriered over to eager publishers worldwide. All this means that finally X3: Reunion will soon be for sale on a shelf near you, as well as being able to order direct from the Egosoft Shop. DeepSilver has already announced a UK release date of 28 October 2005 with other regions and versions expected imminently. Welcome to the X-Universe as you’ve never experienced it before...




X³: Reunion - Collectors Edition

Cool extras!


As well as the standard (that's not really a fair word to describe the game) X3 package, great news for German players – a Collectors Edition is also available. This includes a copy of Farnham’s Legend by Helge Kautz as audio book which describes the rich history of the X universe in colourful detail, as well as an X-Universe limited edition calendar and a soundtrack CD! English gamers should also look out for a limited offer in the Egosoft shop to get the translated version of the same novel (as a real book) as a free gift with their order of X3 – stay tuned for more news!


To visit the Egosoft webshop go here: http://www.egosoft.com/shop



X³: Reunion on DVD and CD

DVD in Europe, DVD or CD in the US


Great news and more choice for all you gamers out there. X3 will be released exclusively on DVD in Europe but all you US gamers will get a choice of CD or DVD! Be forewarned though that you might need some extra storage space if you opt for the CDs… Different versions will be available through different retailers and Enlight will be able to confirm the names for you soon.


Greg Kingston

X³: Reunion - new versions planned

extending the Universe


Whilst we celebrate the gold version of X3 in English and German, French and Italian versions are only just around the corner. As with X2: The Threat, other versions will also start localising immediately, including Russian and Polish. Check for updates at your local forum at www.egosoft.com for future updates.


Greg Kingston

X²: The Threat - for Linux

Penguins in space


People often say that you either love Linux or you hate it. The ones that love it are really enthusiastic though, and this determination has now resulted in X2 being ported over by Linux Game Publishing.

Find out more about it here:http://www.linuxgamepublishing.com


Greg Kingston

Credits & Contact

The Uninteresting Bit!


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